Day 1:
Arrive by 4wd car to Socotra airport, drive to the capital city of the island, Hadibo, then drive to Delisha, which is a beautiful beach with crystal water. There you can swim and relax, overnight in the campsite.

Day 2:
Drive to Qalansiha city in the west, which the second largest town on the island. There is a nice beach called Detwah, where you will swim and relax  in a beautiful white,long and clear beach.over night in Detwah campsite.
Day 3-:
Early morning boat trip to Shoub beach from Qalansiya. On the way by boat you can see dolphins, seabirds, beautiful rocks and mountains. You can swim and go snorkeling in the turquoise waters, then come back to Qalansiya.over night in the campsite.
Day 4:
Drive to Diksim area in the center of Socotra for dragon’s blood trees where you will see the forest of the dragons blood trees inFrimhin area after that arrive to Wadi Dirhor where you can see the best canyon on the island,swimming is great in the swimming pool freshwater.over night in the Wadi.
Day 5: Drive to Omak beach which is on the south side of the island, the Indian Ocean side. In that place there is a beautiful sandy beach, which is clear and white. Swimming in the sea and relaxing on the beach. Overnight in the campsite at Omak.

Day 6:
Drive to Homhil protected area, which is a great place to see the forest of Frankincense trees and the famous dragon blood trees. Homhil is also a nice place for interesting limestone formations. There is a swimming pool which has fresh water that comes from the mountain, you can also have a nice view to the Arabian Sea from the top of the mountain.over night in Homhil campsite.

Day 7:
Drive to which is located in the north eastern coast of Socotra, the marine protected area of Di Hamari is one of the best diving and snorkeling spots and also it is a home to one of the richest coral reefs of the archipelago. There are many marine animals to be seen while swimming and snorkeling, Parrotfish, Moray eel Rays, Sea urchins, etc over night in the campsite.
Day 8:
Early morning drive to Hoq cave which is the biggest cave in Socotra. Hike about an hour or two up and one or two hours inside the remarkable cave. There you can see stalactites, stalagmites and enjoy looking in the cave. After that drive to Arhar beach, where you can see huge, white sand dunes, and a freshwater spring that runs to the sea from the mountain all year round.
Day 9:
Visit the end of the island to swim at another nice, crystal beach in Iresal, where you will swim in the beautiful beach. Overnight in Arhar.
Day 10:
Drive to Wadi Ayhaft, which is between the majestic mountains where you can observe many unusual and different kinds of plants and birds. There you can also swim in the great freshwater swimming pool, overnight in Hadibo.
Day 11: Transfer to the airport.